Stump Removal

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Stump Removal

Our typical grind is about 8" deep. Upon request we will grind deeper for construction or replanting purposes. 

We always make a point of grinding out any surface roots we see and taking out the crown around the stump. This way you can get your yard flat. No one will ever know there used to be a stump there after we are done.


Our stump grinders are versatile machines. When needed we can squeeze through a 36" gate to reach stumps that may be in the backyard.  Don't worry about extensive damage to the lawn. Our grinders are self propelled track machines that are soft on the grass. After the job is done we make a point to fluff the grass back up with our backpack blowers.

Our primary service has always been stump removal. With our 5 grinders, we have a machine for almost every job.

Stump grinding & More

Stump grinding & more!